Funke Akindele removed from the cast crew of the movie-Avengers.

Everyone was happy our very own funke was among those to act in the movie avengers.

Then the sad news came in the has been replaced by fucking christ who!..ohk did someone say Genevieve Nnaji😕yeah I love her too but funke came first .

Hmm..something smells fishy,what do you all think????


Guess what satisfies men in bed other than Women,SexDoll!

So its has been on the internet, viral images of an electronic sex doll that would satisfy men on bed or rather play the role of a woman.

This has really made some men to be happy especially naija men.They feel the tension and emotional attitude that women give would not be a disturbance anymore once they get a sex doll that can give them what they want.Jeez😄!.

Well for some women this could be intimidating,prostitutes won’t sell has they use too😈…and married couples might get divorce due to unfaithfulness or lack of attention that women receives from men.But hey!,who cares because I ain’t scared my boo ain’t gonna get one😂.

Former Arsenal star Emmanuel Eboue commits suicide.

Emmanuel Eboue early in the hours of the morning was reported dead by policemen who they saw hung himself to a fan in his sister’s house in london.

The London abased football who was claimed to be married to a white woman and now divorced has been willed all his properties.Prior to the divorce,issues had been going on between both couples and she was accused of bringing documents for him to sign.

Eboue signed the ‘handling over’of his properties unknownly trusting his wife who handled it over to him while he was at practice.

Despite the undisputed effort to regain them back from his wife,the court willed everything to her.He suffered from depression and other medical challenges prior to his commiting suicides.He was also ban for a year as regards playing ball due to his debt to his agent Terkin Bercini.

Davido premiere in the movie “Legend at Sixty”.

The popular known musician David adedeji adeleke,also known as Davido has been seen in a new movie ‘legends at Sixty’.This is a new different level of this popularly known musician life because no one believes or know for a fact how good is he acting compare to when he sings those fire hits.To me though for some good reasons I feel this is a very good opportunity for him to broaden his horizon and am sure his fans look forward to what he has in store for them.😆

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